Welcome to Athelas Oils!

Whether soaking in the sunset behind rolling hills of green or fighting back the forces of evil in the wild, our bodies carry us through all of the adventures of life. However, these travels can take their toll and we often need to help mend and rejuvenate ourselves from our escapades. Since the sun first rose in the East, nature has provided us with the elements needed to help alleviate our weary bodies.

At Athelas Oils, we believe that the ingredients of the earth and the essential oils they produce, allow for a natural and ancient method of restoring our bodies to their balanced, healthy state. Meaning “beneficial leaf” the lore surrounding the fictional healing herb of Athelas reflects the real properties of essential oils and the ability they have to renew our bodies. Naturally occurring in everything from lavender to ginger, peppermint to rosemary, essential oils not only produce a plant’s fragrance, but the diversity of nature’s flora also provides for a wealth of health opportunities.

Though your journeys may not always involve fighting off orcs or plunging down a raging river, we know that our innovative blends can conveniently travel with you throughout the day to help you live a life which is worthy of adventure!