The Bark of a Warg that Started it All


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My son is a delightful and charming little hobbit… most of the time. He enjoys the comforts of home and hearth, but also has some Took in him that calls him to adventure (he is a 4 year old after all). Living in a cold dry climate, often times these adventures outdoors get the best of him and he succumbs to the elements, needing much more than a pocket handkerchief to aid him.

It began two years ago when we moved from the lush, humid, almost Lorien surroundings of California to Colorado. My son had been ill very few times in his 3 years of life, so when the cold bite of November hit, it hit him hard. We tried several homeopathic over the counter cough syrups to aid his struggling lungs at night when he laid down to rest. We bought a vaporizer, we used vapor rub on his feet with socks, hot baths steaming the room all to no avail. The doctor recommended a low dose of dimetapp, nothing. Then we tried an inhaler for the coughing fits, little relief. For a full month my little boy cried and wept as he woke in the night struggling to breathe and stop coughing, and I cried with him. My boy had croup, a viral, dry, barking cough that simply had to pass. My hobbit sounded like a warg barking on the hunt and it stung my core like a morgul blade to hear its cry.

My elven instincts to heal him had fully kicked in. I scoured the internet for remedies to try and came across tea tree oil. His teacher at school also recommended we try steaming some in a pot over the stove to fill the house with its vapor. It finally brought him some relief. But when this nasty little coughses came back a month later, I felt the full weight of my defeat like the burden of the ring. Was my son destined to sound like a warg forever? Would it ever fully go away?


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This time I went to my oils and pinterest board first, making him a chest rub of cypress and fractionated coconut oil and diffusing tea tree and eucalyptus oil in his room around the clock. And thus my journey into the glorious world of essential oils began. Much like Aragorn healing the wounded on the battle field, I felt an urge and a calling to help my son find some peace and aid as he struggled with the bark of a warg. But more importantly, this time I wanted to find ways to prevent him from ever getting the bark in the first place.

My collection slowly grew to include oils like clove and cinnamon bark, orange and frankincense for their immunity boosting capabilities. One diffuser turned into three and I began mixing roller balls for daily use for a myriad of ailments for my family: headaches, my time of the month, bug bites, scrapes and owies (most often used on my Took of a son), motion sickness, and others to target emotions, anxiety and worry.

I have seen the powerful transformation essential oils can bring to someone’s wellness and sense of peace, not least of which my own when my son finally had a full night sleep after five that were broken. I KNOW beyond the shadow that lies over Mordor, that essential oils can bring about a revolutionary change for you and your family as you venture out your front door. It is from this passion and commitment that Athelas Oils was founded and we cannot wait to join you as a part of your fellowship to aid in the success of your adventures. Join us and you will never have to go out on your own.


Dasia Ryan – Co-Founder and Mixologist

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