A wound that cannot be wholly cured…

I’ve written about my primary motivation for diving deep into the world of the healing and health benefits to essential oils, but there is another that is more personal to me, even more personal than my little boy believe it or not!

I have endometriosis.

That is the first time I have written that sentence. I have spoken it to some, phrased it differently to others but there it is, out there.

I suffered with obtaining a firm diagnosis for more than 5 years, but two laparoscpoic surgeries and well over a decade later it is something that effects my life daily, and my goals and aspirations.

I am in pain every. single. day. Some days it is easily managed and others it’s not. The pain effects my moods, my appearance (just google endo belly), my appetite and overall sense of well being. I have grown not just tired but weary with exhaustion and fatigue over the effects of this disease on my body; and with no Samwise to carry me I turned to essential oils.

Let me be clear there is no cure for endometriosis, so I am not purporting that is what I have found. Having endometriosis puts you in a permanent state of coping, with physical pain, but also loss – loss of opportunities due to the pain but also real loss in terms of relationships present and future whether it’s from your mood and uncontrolled hormones or your body attacking the new life you are trying to create – having endometriosis makes it much more difficult to conceive and carry a child.

And there it is: the wound that can never be wholly cured.

Image result for frodo being stabbed

While I wish the pain of my disease only came upon me once a year like Frodo’s Morgul shoulder wound, I am reminded every month in an excruciating week of immense pain, heartache, depression, stomach issues and the necessity for a great washing machine (despite modern products sold to help with all of this).

I am 1 in 10; 10% of the population of women around the world that can say, “Me too, I feel your pain.” In a sense, this 10% is like our own version of the fellowship: every month we try to keep the darkness at bay and find some good in this world that is worth fighting for, amidst the trials our bodies put us through.

But with a 4-year-old and a new found family love for hiking I can’t just lie around with Tylenol and heat pads anymore. So, I did extensive research and consulted with a dear friend and oil enthusiast to find some oils that could help balance my moods and hormones, but most importantly my pain.

Again, I am not cured. Let me say it again: I am not cured. What I am is equipped, empowered, and invigorated, not just each month, but each day. I can diffuse oils to aid with my headaches, sadness or irritability. I use different roller ball blends on my abdomen depending on my pain level and bloating and to support my immune system, (endometriosis is an immuno-suppressive disease so beyond the other physical side effects, endo sisters are more susceptible to colds and allergies each month when the darkness comes). My precious go to for all of this?

Clary sage.

Image result for clary sage essential oil

The main ingredient in the Morgul wound blend, clary sage is the sting to my inner Shelob, or the phial of Galadriel in my dark tunnel. While I am not cured (did I mention that?) I am able to cope and feel hope.

My prayer and firm conviction is that this product can help others like me, other 1 in 10’s. And that is just one more reason why Athelas Oils was started and why I believe our roller blends can equip, empower and invigorate you, even if you don’t have endometriosis. Here’s to keeping the monthly darkness of Mordor banished to the East where it belongs!


Dasia Ryan


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