I am a wife, mother, avid fan of all things Middle Earth, and an essential oil enthusiast. It only seemed natural for me to tie the two together. I have always been fascinated with the race of elves in Middle Earth (as most are). They are wise, immortal, graceful and amazeballs on a battle field (cue Legolas arrow hitting an orc in the middle of the forehead); the poetic languages they speak, the aura of being wholly other and creatures of light that seems to surround them and also their ability to heal is all serene and comforting to me.

It is only be going to Rivendell that Frodo survives the wound of the morgul blade that tries to take him into the realm of shadow. Lord Elrond is a master healer, able to use the elements of the natural world around him to bring Frodo back to the light. Aragorn learns these skills as he grows up in Rivendell and puts them to use after the battle of Pelinor Fields, reviving Eowyn and Faramir and thus enabling them to find love in their time of healing. He also is able to stave off the morgul poison in Frodo’s wound by using what Samwise refers to as a weed, Kingsfoil in the common tongue or Athelas in the elven language Sindarin.

Meaning “Beneficial of Kings,” it was a plant that only kings or revered healers could harness to unleash it’s benefits and powers. It could cure wounds and poison and counteract evil, something very necessary in the battle for the third age. It was an herb that when crushed and added to hot water could clear and calm the mind and strengthen the person smelling it. So it could be used topically or aromatically as the steam from the hot water distilled it’s vapor into the air.

While not a king or an elf, I too have discovered the healing powers of the natural world around me. Essential oils are distilled from plants, herbs and flowers that have existed with humans for thousands of years. When used properly, these oils from these fruits and gifts of nature work with our bodies natural building blocks and cellular structure to strengthen us in avenues of healing and restoring physical and emotional imbalances or ailments to bring us back to the world of light. It is from these discoveries in my personal journey of essential oil usage and education with my family and friends that my passion to share what I have gleaned with others grew and developed. (see my first blog post about this journey here: https://athelasoils.com/2018/01/27/the-bark-of-a-warg-that-started-it-all/)

I know that essential oils can bring about a revolutionary change for you and your family as you venture out your front door. It is from this passion and commitment that Athelas Oils was founded and we cannot wait to join you as a part of your fellowship to aid in the success of your adventures. Join us and you will never have to go out on your own!


Dasia Ryan – Founder and Mixologist


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