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All of our blends are intended for people age 15-Adulthood. If you are ordering for a child, please additionally fill out the form below and include their age so that we may adjust the essential oils in the blend to be more appropriate for your wee one. Essential oils are safe for people of all ages, including infants, but the delicate nature of children’s skin may require a more diluted mixture.

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One Ring Essential Oils Rollerball Blend

One Ring: Remain immune to and shrouded from the weariness of life with this blend of rosemary, tea tree, lemon and cinnamon. Apply over throat, behind ears and on feet bottoms when the need for a pocket handkerchief arises.



Wraith Wound Essential Oils Rollerball Blend

Wraith Wound: For women only to fight back the monthly darkness with this blend of clary sage, ginger, and marjoram. Apply to lower abdomen throughout the day to defeat the inner evil and return you to your happy hobbit state.



Longbottom Leaf Essential Oils Rollerball Blend

Longbottom Leaf: Calm yourself with the finest blend of lavender, orange, frankincense, and cedar wood this side of the green hill country. Apply to pulse points, behind ears and on wrists when feelings of anxiety and nerves steal your sense of adventure.



Barrel Riding Essential Oils Rollerball Blend

Barrel Riding: Regain your balance from the raging rivers of life with this blend of ginger and peppermint. Apply to abdomen and behind ears when the motion of the river has you feeling as green as the shire.



Sting Essential Oils Rollerball Blend

Sting: Slay the spawns of darkness (or at least the pain of bug bites) with this blend of peppermint, lavender and tea tree. Apply to the afflicted area to reduce redness and itchiness.